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Mobile Ticketing

More than an innovative sales channels in public transportation

The principle is quite easy: You buy your tickets via your mobile phone or PDA. No more lines at ticket counters, and much more flexibility. Mobile Ticketing offers your customers quick access to information – anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Ticketing from HanseCom is an innovative mobile sales solution for public transportation providers. Mobile Ticketing lets your customers buy their tickets at any time and anywhere. Provide your customers with improved service by combining schedule information with ticket purchasing. A significant benefit for your customers – everything gets handled via their mobile phone.

What benefits your customers also benefits your bottom line, because electronic ticketing costs much less than the traditional ticket selling process.

  • Flexible and mobile access makes public transportation more attractive
  • Better image through more customer satisfaction and the willingness to innovate
  • Greater user satisfaction improves customer loyalty
  • Access to reliable traffic data, including about occasional users
  • Cost savings: Lower investment, operating and maintenance costs for the sales infrastructure

Our services

Mobile Ticketing is compatible with the VDV core application; it consists of the following subsystems:

  • Front-end-application
  • Backround system

The front-end includes all mobile user devices. The background system provides the basis for all ticket purchases. This is where the tariff information is maintained and the billing modalities determined. All tickets are stored as originals in the background system.

We configure these subsystems from the existing Mobile Ticketing components in accordance with your requirements. Existing third-party systems can also be integrated.

The Mobile Ticketing system provides up to four different technologies for the ticket purchasing process:

  • App's & Java application,
  • SMS
  • DTMF
  • Internet

For additional security, the tickets can also be stored as 2-D barcodes.

Germany, already in 20 regions as mobile ticketing project in operation.





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